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Wood-fired Pizza

One of our most popular catering packages is our wood-fired pizza. The owner Jon has been working to perfect his recipes for over 10 years. We use imported italian ‘00’ flour to make all our pizza dough which lends itself to that perfect balance between pillowly and chewy that you want in a wood-fired pizza. From the perfect crust to our freshly made pizza sauce, the time and effort put into each component and recipe results in an artisan quality that shows in our finished product.

The main question we get when talking about pizza events is how on earth we could bring an entire pizza oven to your event! Our wood-fired pizza ovens are mounted on a single axle trailer which allows us to get into almost any space. Our crew will set up a pop-up tent and tables and make pizzas right on site throughout the event.

To streamline the process for quick service we ask our clients to pick three flavors of pizza; we have our suggestions but are also happy to recreate a personal flavor. We rotate through these pizzas all night keeping them stocked on a buffet line with a pizza cooking as fast as every 90 seconds.

Between our pizzas and a few of our sides we can keep a buffet stocked for up to 400 people without trouble. It should be noted that wood-fired pizza works best for open-house style events as we can make the food fresh as people trickle in. If you expect your guests to all arrive at once we can add some extra appetizers or we have a large menu of buffet items that can handle that size of crowd.

Shoot us an email and let us know what kind of pizza you want to eat at your event!


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