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Beehive Cares

At Beehive Catering we recognize that our growth and success is due in large part to the thousands of friends and neighbors who have enjoyed our food over the past ten years. As such we have always endeavored to work with charitable programs in the Provo area to keep our community well fed and thriving.

One of the groups we have worked closely with is the community-based initiative Circles. Circles works to establish a bridge for upward economic mobility by connecting families with mentors and teaching them the skills they need to achieve financial stability and resilience. We work with the local Utah County branch but the organization has chapters throughout the United States. If you are interested you can find and participate in a local branch near you:

An invaluable part of the Circles program is the weekly meeting where adult participants attend classes and are provided with child care and a meal—which we have donated several times. However, as we are sure you have heard repeatedly since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we are living in unprecedented times. Because of this, the Circles meetings have been postponed leaving vulnerable families in our community without this consistent provider of childcare, a meal, and a community gathering. Though we cannot overcome every obstacle, Beehive Catering has continued to work with Circles to deliver meals to these families in order to alleviate some of the compounded stress they experience on a daily basis. Since the shut-down began we have been able to donate over 300 meals directly to families in need and we are proud to continue to donate family meals until we can resume providing a group dinner for the regular Circles meetings.

We recently received a donation to our meal program which will help us expand our family meal program and, starting this week, provide healthy snacks along with our regular lunch to better serve families during this difficult time.

Want to help? We will be including an optional add-on to each of our family meals to contribute toward our goal. 100% of these funds will be applied directly to providing families in our community with the help they need and any surplus funds will be directed to other organizations with the same goal.


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