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Feeding Your Team Post-COVID19

If the COVID-19 situation has shown us anything, it's that our personal space is virtually nonexistent. After living through the stress of washing hands, not touching your face, and constantly cleaning surfaces, even watching movies sounds an alarm in your mind when characters are packed close together or shaking hands. Thinking about going back into the world and being around people in a few months is exciting, but can also cause anxiety.

However, our lives cannot be lived remotely and when employees and guests reenter shared spaces it will force us to re-evaluate how business is done-- especially in the hospitality and service industries.

people eating on buffet line

Buffet lines have been a standard in food service for years; they offer quick setup and individualized options for portions and menus. However, this comes with a risk as attendees share service utensils and hover or talk over unprotected food. All it takes is one uncovered cough, a sneeze, or even just excitable speech and your entire menu can be contaminated. In short, if you don’t want to shake everyone’s hand before eating, a buffet may be the wrong setup for your company lunch.

box lunches on conference room table
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So, how do you feed 50+ people quickly? Takeout from a restaurant is great for small groups of 5 or less but can prove cumbersome as attendance rises--as well as balloon in cost as employees add-on to or customize their order. A more streamlined option is a box lunch service. Box lunches offer the same food safety protections as your classic takeout but with the additional options of menu choices and enterprise support.

Beehive Catering started their box lunch service in 2014 with the goal of providing healthy and delicious food for a bargain price. Our standard box lunch service is $9/each with three rotating options giving our repeating clients fresh options for their employees each day. You can check out our menu up to two weeks in advance HERE.


A buffet still has its place in the food industry but, as we recover from a pandemic, it is necessary to rethink the process. As people come back to workspaces they still need to be fed and box lunches offer a great barrier to contamination and can offer comfort to the employer as well as ease the tensions and anxiety as your team comes back together.


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